Jim Tapley Productions (2000- present)

Jim's video production business was started in the fall of 2000 as a means to support his Master's studies. Upon graduation, Jim continued to work in video production as he pursued work in the IT field. In the summer of 2004, Jim moved the company back to Dallas to take advantage of the increased opportunities there.

St. Joseph's University  Philadelphia, PA  (2004)

Adjunct Professor, University College

Jim was recruited by St. Joseph's University College to teach Introduction to IT and the basics of Microsoft Office to students at the Defense Supply Center, Philadelphia.

Drexel University Philadelphia , PA  (2000-2002)

Graduate Assistant, Dept. of Research

While studying for his Master’s in Information Systems, Jim worked for the Department of Research, producing web page videos highlighting research work at Drexel and MCP-Hahnemann School of Medicine (now Drexel School of Medicine).

WFAA-TV Dallas, Texas   (1981-2000)

Senior News Photographer

Jim honed skills in photography, lighting, and audio to an expert level. Jim’s enthusiasm made him one of the most requested photographers for difficult assignments with tough subject matter.

News Operations Manager

The first to hold the position at WFAA, Jim established the protocols for using satellite technology in news gathering, and helped create an emergency response team for spot news.

News Tape Editor/News Feeds Coordinator

Jim quickly showed a talent for good storytelling and speed in the editing suite. As remote news gathering technology came into existence, Jim coordinated the remote feeds for dozens of stories fed in daily from locations around the state and country.